The Cairns Cup follows the rules of disability golf as laid out by the R&A and USGA, subject to local rules set out by the coure the event takes place at.

The disability matchplay format is played over 3 days with 6 Fourball, 6 Foursome and 12 single matches, the winning side will require 13 points for victory however, if the result is a tie the holders will retain the trophy.


6 Matches

50% Combined Course Handicap – Full Difference.

Any combination of players and course handicaps.


6 Matches

Low handicap gives strokes to the other players – 90% difference.Any combination of players and course handicaps.


12 Matches – Played off Scratch in 6 Groups

Group 1 – 3 players between Handicap Index 0 – 5.4
Group 2 – 2 players between Handicap Index 4.5 – 10.4.
Group 3 – 3 players between Handicap Index 8.5– 14.4
Group 4 – 2 players between Handicap Index 12.5– 18.4
Group 5 – 1 player between Handicap Index 18.5 – 24.4.

Singles Selection Criteria

In each group the players will be numbered by the captains either 1,2 or 3. The corresponding numbers will play each other off SCRATCH.

In Group 6 if the difference between players course handicaps is 8 or more then the Highest handicap player will receive 50% of the difference. 
If it is an odd number then we will round up the number not down.



There will be local rules that will apply to individual events that will be agreed between the Captains, however the rules below will always apply to the event.

A Player may play in a Lower Handicap Group but NOT Higher, They will play off the Highest Handicap in the Group not their own. i.e., A player off 8 having to play in Group 1 will play off 5.

Should a team because of injury fail to meet the above rules for a Group in singles the opposing Captain will nominate a replacement from another Handicap Group,

Both teams will use the WHS Index or alternative systems however the last 20 rounds must be verified by the Executive team before selection can be approved

Handicaps will be verified 1 month before the event and frozen for the competition. Any changes in players handicap after they have been declared will not be accepted.

ONLY Women, Seated Players & Sight impaired golfers can play off forward tees in all Formats.

From the furthest tee the yardage should not be greater than 6300 yards, the stroke index of the back tee will be used in all matches.